General Assistance

General Assistance is a County funded program that can help people with emergency financial needs.

How is eligibility for assistance determined?

If you reside in Poweshiek County and have lived at the residence for at least 30 days, the first step is to complete a General Assistance application and provide the requested information. You will need to bring a copy of your current bill, proof of income for all household members, and ID card or driver’s license and contact information regarding your landlord. The General Assistance worker will review your application and if you meet the eligibility criteria, you will meet with the GA worker to help you determine your needs. All payments will be made directly to the Vendor and is subject to the Vendor acceptance of the payment. Poweshiek County has a required repayment agreement that must be signed prior to any payment being issued. If you choose not to make payments then it is automatic denial for future assistance.

To file an application please contact the Community Services Office.

General Assistance Application

What services are available?

1. Emergency food assistance

  • Referrals will be made to the food pantry, SHARE program and Food Recovery Network, as well as having the clients fill out a food stamp application.

2.  Rent Assistance

  • Benefit limits are $175.00 for a household with no children and $300.00 for a household with children.
  • Rental assistance will not be given to households that are already receiving rental assistance as this is subsidized based on your income.
  • Those related to their landlord will not be eligible for rental assistance.
  • Deposits will not be paid for rent, gas, water or electricity.

3.  Utilities

  • Assistance with utility costs shall be provided only in the amount of the actual cost for current usage and within the limits set by the county.
  • Assistance will not be provided for future bills not yet accrued. Assistance under this category does not include deposits or penalties.
  • Utility limits: Electric up to $150.00, Water up to $75.00, Fuel bills up to $200.00.
  • Electric, Water and Fuel are the only utilities that will be considered.
  • Utilities must be in the name of the applicant or another member of the household.

4.  Medical Services

  • Assistance will be given for prescriptions (non-psych), and also for some medical needs that require no prescription, such as insulin and needles.
  • Dental assistance for immediate need and to relieve severe pain. The county will assist with $300.00 to pull a tooth
  • There are other emergency service that are eligible at the discretion of the GA Director and available funds.

5.  Burial

  • Payment for burial expense is limited to a maximum of $1500.00. The family must meet with the Poweshiek County General Assistance Director prior to any arrangements and complete necessary applications.
  • This will include removal of the human remains (within 50 miles of the funeral home), administrative duties of the funeral home, and preparing and disposal of the remains.
  • Any other service cost above the $1500.00 will be the expense of the family or funeral home.

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