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Poweshiek County Attorney

 Bart Klaver, Poweshiek County Attorney
Phone 641-623-5135
Fax 641-623-2820


Public Legal Advice
This office CANNOT and WILL NOT give legal advice or opinions. If you have a legal issue involving Poweshiek County it should be brought to the attention of the appropriate elected official or department head. For general legal assistance, you should seek advice from your own private attorney.


The County Attorney does

  • prosecute individuals who violate the law as the chief law enforcement officer of the county.
  • prosecute all state law violations that occur within Poweshiek County.
  • review for prosecution all criminal law violations.
  • review and prosecute juvenile delinquency cases ranging from simple misdemeanors to felonies, as well as initiate Child in Need of Assistance actions, termination of parental rights actions, and mental commitments.
  • provide assistance to the Department of Human Services.
  • provide legal advice to county department heads and elected officials and acts as the legal representative for the county in civil court cases.

The County Attorney does NOT

  • represent individuals or private groups in law suits (including dissolution of marriages or custody proceedings).
  • provide legal advice for individuals or private groups on any issue.
  • prepare wills, deeds, trusts, protection orders or other legal documents for individuals or private groups.
  • investigate crimes, complaints or child abuse.