Poweshiek County Attorney

The Poweshiek County Attorney’s Office serves as legal counsel for the County including the Board of Supervisors, other elected officials, other boards and commissions of Poweshiek, County, Iowa.

The County Attorney’s Office also prosecutes crimes that have been committed in Poweshiek County, Iowa from simple misdemeanors in Magistrate Court to Class A Felonies in Poweshiek County Iowa District Court.  There are three courts in which the County Attorney’s Office is involved, Poweshiek County Magistrate Court, Poweshiek County District Associate Court and Poweshiek District Court.  In addition to the prosecution of criminal cases, the Poweshiek County Attorney’s Office handles proceedings concerning juveniles, children in need of assistance, involuntary hospitalization hearings and other court matters involving Poweshiek County.

Rebecca Petig, Poweshiek County Attorney

Bart Klaver, Poweshiek County Assistant Attorney

Phone 641-623-5134 or 641-623-5135
Fax  641-623-2820