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Welcome to Poweshiek County Conservation

The purposes of the Poweshiek County Conservation Board, as established by law, are: “To acquire, develop, maintain, and make available to the inhabitants of the county, public grounds, recreational center, county areas, and to promote and preserve the health and general welfare of the people, to encourage the orderly development and conservation of natural resources, and to cultivate good citizenship by providing adequate programs of public recreation.”

The Conservation Board administers 9 park and wildlife areas that encompass over 2,173 acres of land dedicated to public use and enjoyment.  Our parks and wildlife areas are managed for you, so please remember to leave them as you would like to find them.

The Foster Center – headquarters for Poweshiek County Conservation, located at the park entrance on Diamond Trail Road

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Poweshiek County Conservation Board Members #FundTheTrust

Poweshiek County Conservation Board Members support the Iowa Water and Land Legacy #FundTheTrust

Iowa’s legacy depends on clean water, productive agricultural soils, and thriving wildlife habitats so all Iowans can enjoy the splendor of our state.

The Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund, created by an overwhelming majority of Iowa voters in 2010, is a permanent and constitutionally protected funding source to ensure these natural spaces are preserved for generations to come.

Now is the time to fund the Trust. It’s our responsibility, it’s our time, and it’s our legacy.

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In 1955, an Act of the Iowa Legislature created the county conservation system.  The Poweshiek County Conservation Board was authorized by a vote of the people in 1956.  The County Board of Supervisors appointed a five member board to serve five year terms.  Conservation board members serve without pay and are only reimbursed for necessary expenses.

The funds for the Poweshiek County Conservation Board come from property taxes.  The annual budget must be approved by the Board of Supervisors.

Diamond Lake Park
4896 Stagecoach Road
P.O. Box 666
Montezuma, IA  50171