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Frequently Ask Zoning Questions

Dear Poweshiek County Realtors:
Do to some perceived misunderstandings, please find below the questions most frequently asked by property owners and realtors. We thought it would be a good idea to make available a letter [download]that you can copy for any or all of your clients who are interested in purchasing land / building sites in the unincorporated area of Poweshiek County.

Who do I ask if I have any zoning questions?

Within city limits – call local city office

Outside city limits – call Poweshiek County Zoning 641-623-3762

What is the procedure if I purchase land to build a home?

Upon application completed (from Zoning Office), you must have a meeting with the Zoning Commission, which is held 3rd Tuesday of month, at this time. They will make a motion for recommend approval / disapproval to the Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors makes the final discussion to approve / disapprove. Upon approval you will need to buy a building permit., The rule of thumb (at this time) no good quality farmland to be used for anything but agriculture.

Do I need a permit for a shed with skids?

A permit is not required, however if you attach the shed to a permanent foundation a permit is required.

What are minimum acres I need to buy to build?

2 acres net

Do I have to rezone if I want to build a house in the country?

Yes, land needs to be rezoned from agricultural to residential. Zoning office has applications; you must have a meeting with the Zoning Commission and Board of Supervisors as above.

How close can I build to property line?

Building at Ponderosa & Holiday lakes – 4 feet at Ponderosa & 5 feet at Holiday + read Lake By-Laws) + building in country – 15 feet from property side yard line + 50 feet from front & 40 feet from back of yard.

What if I need to build closer to property line?

A meeting is needed with Board of Adjustments (applications in zoning office) zoning department will schedule a meeting date.

Do I need any permits if I want to start a Business in the country?

Most generally yes, there are home operations that are permitted further information contact Zoning administrator.

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