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Auditor Duties

The Poweshiek County Auditor's duties include financial accounting, elections, real estate, and more.

Clerk to the Board of Supervisors

  • Schedules and posts Board of Supervisors agendas. Records and preserves Board minutes and publishes proceedings in official newspapers.
  • The Auditor is the Custodian of the Courthouse under the direction of the Board of Supervisors.
  • Responsible for official documents, Resolutions, contracts, leases, and ordinances.

Financial Accounting

  • Compile, calculate and monitor the County operating budget
  • Prepare annual financial report
  • Record all financial claims against the County and issue checks for all claims allowed by the Board of Supervisors
  • Prepare County payroll and issue payroll checks to all employees
  • Serve as Trust Officer of the County Self Funded Health Insurance Plan


  • Registers voters and maintains all voter registration records
  • Prepares and supervises the printing a ballots
  • Issues absentee ballots
  • Trains election workers
  • Conducts elections – Primary, general, city, school and special
  • Prepare canvass and certificates of election

Elections Central

Real Estate

  • Maintain official county plat books showing owners of all lands and town lots in Poweshiek County.
  • Enter all real estate deeds in plat and transfer books after being recorded. Record and file change of title estates.
  • Compute tax levies, prepare tax list, and certify same to the County Treasurer for collection.
  • Prepare real estate valuation reports for other taxing entities budget preparation
  • Administer tax incremental financing districts

Real Estate Information


  • Secretary for the Civil Service Commission
  • Issue Cigarette licenses to all applicants outside the City limits, with Board of Supervisors approval
  • Sell plat books

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