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Collections & Payment Plans


When you are sentenced in a criminal or traffic case, the court may order you to pay a fine, civil penalty, various surcharges, court costs and victim restitution. You may be ordered to pay the full amount all at once. These plans are court orders and you must comply with them.

Your failure to comply with payment of court-ordered fees may result in:

  • Probation revocation proceedings
  • Deferred Judgment revocation
  • Contempt of court (or show cause) proceedings
  • Your Iowa income tax refund may be applied to the outstanding balances
  • Suspension of Driver’s License
  • A hold on your ability to register a motor vehicle

The Poweshiek County Attorney’s Office offers a payment plan to assist in the payment of delinquent fines.

Participating in a payment plan may allow you to get your driver’s license back, register a motor vehicle, renew your license plate stickers, satisfy probation/parole requirements, and avoid garnishment of funds.

Payment Plan Requirements

  1. Unpaid/Delinquent fines are at least thirty-one (31) days past due from the disposition/sentencing date.
  2. Total balance owed is over $300
  3. Only Poweshiek County cases can be put on a Poweshiek County payment plan
  4. Initial payment of $200 or more is required to begin this payment plan
  5. Choose one of the following payment plan option
    1. Wage Assignment/Garnishment
    2. Voluntary Payment Plan
  6. Send completed documents to Poweshiek County Attorney’s Office

Motor Vehicle Registration/License Plate Renewal

If your ability to register a motor vehicle or renew license plates has been suspended because of unpaid court fines and costs.

  • Simplest solution is to pay ALL amounts due at the Clerk of Court’s office!
    • Advise the Clerk that you need the registration hold lifted – you can then take the zero-balance receipt(s) to the County Treasurer.
  • If you are unable to pay in full
    • You will need a payment plan with the County Attorney’s Office
    • Need to make a minimum payment
      • contact County Attorney’s Office to discuss the minimum amount required
    • You will also need to contact the County Attorney’s office for a Temporary Lift Notice
      • you will need this letter every year until all court fines/costs are paid in full
      • you will need a letter from EACH County Attorney that you have unpaid fines in
        • Poweshiek County can ONLY lift a registration hold on Poweshiek County cases with unpaid fines

Driver’s License Reinstatement Program (DLRP) Payment Plan

The Driver’s License Reinstatement Program (DLRP) is a program that allows people who have been suspended, or soon will be suspended, for non-payment of fines to get their driver’s license back.  The DLRP is set up to maximize the potential for an individual to succeed at paying off their fines.  The offender must make their payments on time and in full, and maintain insurance on their vehicle at all times while on the program.

Applicants must meet the following criteria to qualify for the Driver’s License Reinstatement Program (DLRP):

  • If you do not have unpaid traffic cases in Poweshiek County, Iowa you will NOT be eligible for our DLRP.
    • You must contact the county where the traffic case(s) occurred.
  • If you owe a civil penalty to the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) the penalty must be PAID IN FULL before you would be eligible for this program
    • To determine if you owe a civil penalty please contact the Iowa DOT at 1-800-532-1121 or 515-244-1052.
  • If all you are seeking is a Temporary Restricted License (TRL) also known as a “work permit” you need to contact the DOT at 1-800-532-1121 or 515-244-1052
  • You will not qualify for the DLRP unless all case are 31 days or more from the sentencing (disposition) date
    • This does not include dismissed traffic case(s)
    • Applying early will result in a denial into the program and delay the processing of your next application
  • You will not qualify for DLRP if your license is suspended due to delinquent Child Support
  • If any “Out of State” fines are holding up your driver’s license, they cannot be added to the DLRP plan.
  • Applicant will be REQUIRED to obtain and maintain financial liability coverage (Automobile Insurance)
  • Applicant is REQUIRED to maintain a valid payment plan with the County Attorney’s office
  • Applicant must fill out, sign, and return the DLRP Agreement to our office
  • Applicant will be required to make a down payment at the time of admittance into DLRP
  • A valid email address is required
  • The processing time for acceptance or rejection into the Poweshiek County Attorney’s Office DLRP may take up to four (4) weeks
  • Additional requirements may be required

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